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Thank You For Subscribing To The Alternative Divorce Directory For The Free Listing

Thank You For Subscribing To The Alternative Divorce Directory For The Free Listing



Before sending the information requested below so I can add your listing, so that this is a fair exchange, please ask your webmaster to add the following image and embedded link to your website so that your site visitors can access free information about mediation and how to divorce amicably.


If you want to see how one of the professionals has

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Bye the way – Look out for an email with some additional free benefits that you will find useful!


Here is the resource image to embed – all the information is on the image so all you need to do is add it to a blog or resource page and embed the link below:


 Click the download link arrow on the left and right click to SAVE AS

(and save the image so you can add it to your resources area or blog)

Or simply right click on the image below

Then hyperlink the url that is below the image

(Full step by step instructions further down the page)





The link to embed in the image is:



Along with the link to your webpage displaying the above free offer, please email me at the following details:


Your Name

Your Company Name

The Service your have registered to promote: (eg. Mediation, Collaborative Law, Family Law (non-Dispute Resolution), Financial Planning, Coaching, Counselling, Parenting Coach, Healer etc)

Your url / web address

Your Country and State

If you have any issues with adding the image and link and want some technical support, please don’t hesitate to contact me.





How to add the image to the resources page or your blog/article in WordPress:
Right click on image and Save As onto your computer.
In edit mode, put your curser where you want to add the image.
Click on the Add Media button (top left of edit menu)



Click on Upload Files



Select Files button and add the Image you have saved on your computer.



When image is uploaded then click on the image, and then click the link that looks like a chain:



A box will open up – add the url to my free infographic download and click the blue arrow.


Save the page.
The image is now added and hyperlinked to the download page.


All done!
PS.  If you have completely glazed over and want someone else to do it, the lovely Andrea Cater of My Perfect PA is kindly offering to add the image and link to the page and location of your choice for $45.  She’ll need log-in details and the website link from you or your webmaster.  Her email address is



I look forward to adding your details to the Alternative Divorce Directory.

Best wishes

Suzy Miller

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