Create your own Living Together Life Plan - but let's keep it simple


  • A set of short videos explaining the different stages of what you need to cover
  • An enhanced Life Plan template that raises the different questions that need answering 
  • No-cost no obligation conversations with key experts in finance, law and wellbeing to help you to find answers to those questions ...
    • .....and create an exciting and financially viable plan for your future, no matter what eventualities may occur


      In other words, instead of staring at a template and feeling overwhelm, you get guided through it and have easy access to the people who can help you to bring it into being!


    • Feel secure about bringing up a family without the protection of a marriage certificate
    • Access cost-free  no obligation conversations with key legal, financial and wellbeing experts
    • Have your own personal guide to take you through the process via Skype/phone


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    Short video guides

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    This Living Together Life Plan Pack includes a series of short videos and 1-1 Skype/phone guidance on how to turn the free download template into a working Cohabitation / Living Together Agreement as part of a full Life Plan full of vision and excitement for the future - but also safeguarding that future.


    • Includes a series of short videos guiding you on how to make best use of the Agreement Template so that you can both decide the best way forwards for you and your family
    • Includes a full "Life Plan" additional template that makes the process more focused on creating a secure future for your family - much more exciting!
    • Includes a 1-1 session with a financial expert of your choice, and access to no-obligation no-additional cost phone/skype conversations with key legal professionals on how to turn your agreement into a practical, workable, legally binding document

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    I can honestly say it is my lifeline, and has been for the last three weeks...

    Samantha 2012
    Samantha 2012

    I liked the way things are set out. I like the information – it makes sense. And it is supportive

    Neil 2013
    Neil 2013

    Wow you are an amazing resource Suzy!!  Thank you so much!

    Louise 2014
    Louise 2014

    • Save money - don't waste money on the wrong advice
    • Protect the kids - don't let your future decisions become a nightmare for your children
    • Create additional security and fairness in your relationship

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    I am living with my new partner and we want to plan our future together where we can combine our separate financial lives in ways that are fair and will benefit us both.


    "The Living Together Life Plan is a just what we need.  It makes the process of making sure we protect our individual children's futures as well as our own so much less daunting, especially if we were to end the relationship in the future.  I can't imagine that happening, but we have both been divorced before so we want to be realistic and make our relationship feel even more secure by planning for any eventuality."

    Fatima Mirza
    Fatima Mirza

    Includes 1-1 skype/phone sessions with

    Life Guide Suzy Miller

    to guide you on who to talk to, when to talk to them,

    and to help you to make the whole process both thorough – yet as simple as possible

    • Introductory skype/phone conversations with a wide range of legal, financial & wellbeing experts
    • 1-1 Skype/phone calls with key professionals to decide if they can be of service
    • Financial expert in person helping you to outline a plan for your financial future
    • 1-1 Skype/phone with your Guide, Suzy Miller, to make the process simpler
    • Videos to take you through each stage and what you need to consider
    • A full Life Plan template to make the process work for you and your family as a whole
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