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Tarnie Fulloon: Body Freedom

Tarnie Fulloon: Body Freedom
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More About Tarnie:

Tarnie is a Transformational Mentor and Embodiment Coach, Speaker, and Workshop Leader. Tarnie’s gift is partnering with those who have persistent and recurring pain in their body, guiding them to discover the root cause so they can live free of pain and lead with confidence, calmness and be guided by their inner connection.
Her expertise comes from being an Olympic level Sports Medicine Physiotherapist combined with her Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and her Somatic Movement Certification. She has also had the privilege of being a TEDxPasadenaWomen presenter.
Tarnie is a living embodiment of her work and has mentored and helped women for over 25 years by getting to the root cause of their pain, anxiety and stress, finding the relief they long for. Tarnie’s mission is to help our planet heal by igniting the elements of Feminine Principles in women and men.
She believes there is a deep need to shift from the masculine power model of domination, force and hierarchy to acknowledging, honoring and accepting the wisdom and intelligence of the body where feminine power resides. ​ Tarnie is passionate about supporting women in creating the change this world is craving.  She knows women are powerful, dedicated and courageous and she believes it is every woman’s sovereign right to stand in the full embodiment of who she is.



“Working with Tarnie has been a joyful experience and deeply empowering, even when slogging around in my own dark landscapes. I trusted her immediately, as she is 100 percent present to this work, completely without ego about it all. She truly made me feel of equal value and that my own intuition and input is tantamount to the process, and through it I learned to trust myself. “


“Tarnie, I wanted to thank you for all your healing ways. You really, truly helped me. I never thought my life could change so much, and I think being aware of how I’m treating myself, and how I’m treating my body has helped tremendously.”

-G. Stone, Cario

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Complementary 30 minute consultation with Tarnie Fulloon PT MA Transformational Healer via Skype or phone (valued at $200) to begin a healing transformational journey through your struggle and confusion into your confidence and clarity.


Phone: 626-296-2032

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