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Relationship Coach Eileen Howey of Change of Heart Coaching

Relationship Coach Eileen Howey of Change of Heart Coaching
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Relationship and Divorce Coach

Eileen Howey 

Transformational life coach with a spiritual/Christian focus, with qualifications in Spiritual, Relationship, Health & Wellness & Youth coaching.

Helping those experiencing major transitions in life to effect positive life changes through building self-awareness and self-esteem by discovering their inner strengths and resilience.

Experience working with families and children in need and children with disabilities.

Coaching sessions held face to face in the Bromley and surrounding areas, and via Skype throughout the UK and abroad.

Eileen is a thorough professional, always putting others before herself.

More About Eileen:

Relationship and Divorce coach, helping you to have an amicable divorce which ensures the best outcomes for your children. Member of the Alternative Divorce Directory.

Fulfillment and Spiritual/Christian coach, helping people to live life more fully, to find laughter in every day and to love who they are and how they live, through self-exploration and improvement, goal setting and expanding your spiritual and Christian experience.

Also a qualified Social Worker, specializing in Children and Families.
Co-Director of CanUK Transformations Limited.

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