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EFT Hampshire: Emotional Support for Clarity and Confidence during and after divorce

EFT Hampshire: Emotional Support for Clarity and Confidence during and after divorce
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Holistic Practitioner

Susan Cowe Miller


I offer support and help when working through the uncomfortable emotional journey that is called Divorce. As a psychotherapist I work with varying issues, but managing stress and anger are vital when important decision making is taking place.

You are very important. You want and need to make the right choices. I can help.

My emotional healing practice is based on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping and Matrix Reimprinting.  (A pilot study has taken place with acceptable results for those with a scientific bent).  Many hypnotherapists, counsellors and psychiatrists use EFT to help clients lower stress levels.

Why I love working holistically for Healthy Lifestyle and strong Emotional Well-being:

I help clients overcome trauma without re-traumatisation

Clients tell me how beneficial they find our sessions

I’m empowering others with valuable ‘self help’ techniques

I’m helping clients to clear limiting beliefs and believe in better

More About Susan:

A qualified therapist with real life experience


As someone who has been through the tunnel of trauma and come out the other side I know that emotional health and well-being is a fine state worthy of achievement.

My own personal trauma, which you can read about at Survive and Thrive after Trauma, means I relate to my clients with true empathy and compassion as opposed to someone who has just studied the theory but not lived the tale! During my darkest times EFT transformed my emotional health with lasting results which is why I decided I wanted to become a qualified EFT therapist to help others.

I now operate my therapy business on a full time basis, with a growing local and international client -base. I also run regular workshops and public speaking engagements to educate and inspire others on how to achieve optimum emotional health and self esteem.

I also developed my unique self-help, self-discovery programme ‘Recharge Your POWER’: for those seeking guidance and support while seeking a positive and encouraging future.

The programme is accessed online and you work privately, at your own pace through the comprehensive and guided format. There is telephone and email support, Q&A and a private Facebook page for group interaction and support.

“I recently experienced an EFT / Matrix Reimprinting session with Susan over the telephone and felt immediately put at ease by Susan’s soothing voice and professionalism.

Although I’d seen EFT in practice, this was my first chance to learn about and embrace Matrix Reimprinting for myself. It was nothing short of transformational and helped me immediately and immensely with a couple of related issues. Already I feel more confident, empowered and able to move on from something negative in my past. Susan is good. Very good. If you want greater confidence and to tap into your own giant potential I highly recommend a session.”

Roberta Jerram

“I was quite surprised with my session of EFT, and especially the Matrix Reimprinting which I hadn’t experienced before.

I have had EFT treatment but I really enjoyed the Reimprinting.

I felt much happier and contented and did not have the same negative picture in my head, when I later thought of the incident I had worked on.

I said straight away that there are other issues that could do with reimprinting and I will certainly deal with them in the future.”


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