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Believe and Live Again with Zina Arinze

Believe and Live Again with Zina Arinze
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Divorce Recovery Strategist, Speaker

Zina Arinze

Zina is passionate about helping women in leadership, business or ministry emerge victoriously from the mask of grief after divorce, break up or the death of a loved one to smoothly transition from we to me so that they are empowered to reinvent their lives and careers with joy, become emotionally healed, spiritually whole and financially secure.


With her “all excuses are barred” affable and engaging approach, working with Zina, will not only reactivate your “inner Queen, Feminine Power and Positive Sense of Self” but also help and support you to:

Eliminate obstacles that may be holding you back in your past

Gain clarity for your next steps for your new reality

Set reinvigorating goals

Holds you accountable to achieve your deepest desires after a divorce, breakup, an abusive relationship or the death of a spouse.

I believe in empowering the quintessential professional woman, single mumpreneur and/or women of faith to rediscover themselves to become a reinvigorated, refreshed, reinvented, relaxed and financially savvy better versions of who they once were


– Zina Arinze

More About Zina:

My name is Zina Arinze fondly known as the Divorce Reinvention Queen. I am a Divorce Recovery Strategist, Reinvention Life Coach, Lawyer, Gender Empowerment Mentor, Transformational Speaker, IT Project Management Consultant, Best-Selling Author, Multi Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur, Multi-disciplinary Leader and Founder of Believe and Live Again. I help hundreds of professional women, female entrepreneurs and women of faith all over the world smoothly transition from “we” to “me”  to recover from grief, shame and overwhelm, to regain their feminine power, positive sense of self  and  be financially empowered to reinvent themselves after a breakup, divorce, an abusive situation or the death of a loved one.

 Above all, if any of this resonates, I would love to help you too!


Zina is a bubbly, deeply spiritual serial entrepreneur and the founder of Believe and Live Again, the Post Divorce Lifestyle Coaching and Reinvention Mentoring services helping female professionals and business women around the globe transition from "we" to "me" and regain their feminine power after divorce or a relationship breakdown..

A lawyer by training, with an MBA, she is also a certified Divorce Recovery Coach, Having under gone a traumatic divorce herself, Zina understands only too well the challenges the professional woman faces in balancing her personal, spiritual and corporate life in order to stay ahead and maintain her cutting edge.


Truly awesome service

"Zina helped me manage numerous challenges and panic attacks that came my way through the traumatic journey of emotional healing after a divorce."

Jane, HR Executive

Beyond the call of duty

"Zina has got to be one of the most motivated and upbeat people that I have ever met. I most definitely recommend Zina and her brand of magic."

Bella, Personal Traine

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