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Lawyers are not always experts in finance, and if you have pensions to split or property or businesses to divide, then financial planners are the experts you need to talk to. Financial Planners are not the same as regular Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs). They are specialized in helping you plan the long term future of your whole family after the split, and also dealing with complex pension splitting and division of properties.
Mortgages & Insurances become very important when you need to turn two homes into one. The advice from a real estate agent and estimates of costs of mortgages and rents, will form part of your computations – or those of your accountant or financial planner.
Money Coaches are able to help you understand your own psychology towards money, how to remove barriers created by low self esteem or old ideas inherited from your past, and reduce the sense of fear that surrounds the subject of money for so many of us. Working with a money coach is a productive way to prepare for then dealing with the financial aspects of your divorce with greater confidence and direction.
Getting businesses valued is a job for a forensic accountant or a firm specialized in that area. Many people start up new businesses post-divorce, sometimes from home when they need flexibility around their childcare. There are many franchises and start up business opportunities available to people starting their lives over after divorce.


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