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Employee Support

Employee Support

 Reduce stress related absence and loss of productivity – at no cost

We can provide Alternative Divorce stay-out-of-court resource packs to your employees at no charge to them or to your company.

If you would like to give your employees access to free 1-1 advice from legal, financial, debt, parenting and other experts (normally retailing at $129), then please contact

The downloadable resource includes:

  • a travel guide through stay out of court divorce, booklets
  • videos (documentary on Collaborative Divorce; kids talking about their experience of parents divorcing etc)
  • free downloads (including a meditation on forgiveness; Parenting After Parting booklet, debt solutions


The Box also contains vouchers for 1-1 expert advice/introductory sessions/information gathering all at no cost to the user, with no obligation to then further use the services of any of the experts in the Box.


Our Mission: Through encouraging stay out of court divorce, we believe that a broken family can be changed into an extended family, and that Divorce in a Box provides the information and the inspiration to make that possible.


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“I can honestly say it is my lifeline, and has been for the last three weeks….”
Sam Wilson talking about Divorce in a Box



See the Video of Sam talking about how Divorce in a Box has revolutionized her experience of divorce Click Here



As part of the existing wellbeing provision that you offer your employees, at no charge to your company, you can add in something unique and valuable that we believe will have a significant impact on reducing the continuing rise in employee stress related absence and mental illness suffered by many companies in the US.

Divorce impacts heavily on the workplace because it increases financial pressures, emotional turmoil, and absence rates in employees – and this impacts directly on the company’s bottom line. Traditional EAPs are not always targeted at specific life crises like divorce and family breakup, and employees often do not access them because they need a private resource that is not under the auspices of their company.

As an added benefit to your employees, you can share the Alternative Divorce Guide resources with them at no charge: Any employee who wants to access the Alternative Divorce Guide product, registers their request on the website, and we post it to them – free of charge. Their personal details remain private and confidential. This means they are more likely to seek help through Divorce in a Box, rather than to suffer in silence.


Contact Suzy Miller to arrange for your company to receive a voucher code allowing free access to the resources to your employees.  This offer will only remain free for a limited time.




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