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  • How to avoid adversarial lawyers
  • How to protect your kids from the toxic effects of a divorce-turned-nasty
  • How to use this experience as a catalyst for positive change in your life

Alternative Divorce To-Do List

  • Clear To-Do List: The basic practicalities of divorce and breakup
  • Key FAQs anwered in plain English with links to further information
  • Red Alerts: Common mistakes you will want to avoid
  • Videos of shared stories from those who have been on the same journey



Divorce Myth Busting

Video Series

Five videos to help guide you on a journey through a more intelligent divorce

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Temperature of your divorce too high?


How to avoid a nasty divorce



Need to protect yourself and to heal - but it’s all getting too much?


Ways to rebuild your confidence



Is the wounding of the breakup making your divorce turn nasty?


You don’t need to have a broken family:

Have an extended family instead

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