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Why become an expert on the Divorce in a Box Website Directory?

Why become an expert on the Divorce in a Box Website Directory?


I thought you may be interested in the following package which promotes mediation, collaborative law, financial advice, start-up-business, parenting, coaching and wellbeing experts, directly to people who are navigating their way through divorce and family breakup, in ways that help them to stay out of court and not get adversarial.

The package covers a minimum term of 6 months to ensure a good return on investment, and includes both web promotion via the online directory, and also article promotion via the website blog and social media.


Good Reasons to promote your service through the Divorce in a Box Website:

  • Direct promotion of your specific service via the Alternative Divorce website including sharing your key offering direct to all subscribers.


  • Exclusivity: the only provider of your service to be promoted via the directory in your chosen Area (eg. Columbia County, NY Upper East Side etc) AND your listing will be visible to all site users searching for experts USA-wide


  • Email marketing & list building: if you struggle to get site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, they may prefer to subscribe to the Alternative Divorce Guide monthly online magazine providing wellbeing free downloads & information, and a link to the Alternative Divorce Guide Radio Show.   An optional email marketing service included in the subscription, which will capture potential clients who visit your website on a list, and then send them resource-laden monthly emails including a call for action suggesting they contact your firm for a no-obligation chat.


  • Much cheaper than Google Adwords: the return on investment from Google Adwords is very poor unless a high proportion of the traffic you get results in paying clients.  (Minimum budgets of £250pm are recommended for adword campaigns so outgoings are continuously high).
  • Promotion through a highly-regarded brand (see growing partnership page in the UK which includes Family Strategic Partnership, Ministry of Justice, and national charity Families Need Fathers) with consistently positive national UK PR (see Press and Media page which includes recent articles in Woman’s Weekly, The London Metro).


  • The publishing of relevant articles on the Divorce in a Box website, including back links to your own website (so improving your own site’s ranking as an added benefit)


  • The promotion of those web articles via social media and other web outlets so that they receive a good readership (I am a Huffington Post blogger)


  • Invitation to join the Closed Linked In Group for Divorce in a Box to encourage collaboration


The cost?  

$30 per month (min of 12 months) – wellbeing, parenting, dating, Wills/probate, business start up opportunities

$50 per month (min of 12 months) – life coaches/counselors

$70 per month (min of 12 months) – accountants, debt advisors, arbitrators

$80 per month (min of 12 months) – divorce mediators

$90 per month (min of 12 months) – collaborative lawyers, financial planners


Why these prices?

One of the lowest cost ways to advertise is in local free-through-the-door magazines.  My local village magazine charges for half a page over 6 months, the equivalent of $70 per month.  As a comparison, being promoted on the Divorce in a Box website is more effective because it is:

•    Less expensive per month over a 6 month period (minimum term)
•    Is exclusive for your service to a large geographic area searched by site users
•    Can be found by site visitors:
◦    searching the directory
◦    search engines bringing up your specific directory web page through relevant search terms
◦    from your articles I link to from our newsletter which goes out to our database
•    RELEVANT LEADS – people see your listing who genuinely would benefit from your services
•    Networking opportunities with the other professionals online via Closed Linked In Group
•    PR/media opportunities

You can see the current directory menu above or go to the home page at


What to do now:

If you would like to register for being on the directory, please email me or fill in the form below.

Spaces on the directory are allocated on a first come first serve basis.
If your firm would like to make contact and to ask any questions, I would be happy to accommodate them.

Best wishes

Suzy Miller
+44 (0)7525 059 634

Skype: suzy_miller



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