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Relationships: After Break Up

Relationships: After Break Up

Are you feeling that you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to be working?

Do you think the relationship needs to be let go of and it’s time to move on?

Are you completely confused, in emotional pain and with no idea how to make things better?



Nothing can save this relationship now

Rubbish. A relationship – especially when you have children – is more than a marriage or the partnership that contains it. Even if the form of that relationship changes – from married to divorced for example – the relationship itself can still evolve into a strong co-parenting partnership, and sometimes, believe it or not, into friendship. The amazing thing about relationships is that they can transform in ways you just wouldn’t believe – if you allow the space for that to happen.



They say you get to know your Ex better through break up than through marrying them – and yes we often display our darker sides during a traumatic life change. We don’t just love our friends for their good qualities, or our children only when they are being nice to us. We need to get to love our own dark side too if we are to live a balanced and happy and honest life. Coaching and counseling can help us communicate better with ourselves and others.

Have a no-obligation chat with our experts to see if you can improve the communication within all your relationships, and you will begin to see new ways forward that before seemed impossible – whether that is falling in love all over again with your partner, or learning how to successfully co-parent with them whilst living separate lives.



If I give up on my marriage/partnership I’m a failure to myself and my family

Relationships are not things you fail at. They are a constantly evolving journey, and we can only do our the best with the knowledge and skills that we have. Most of us will have learned unhelpful ways to manage our relationships from parents and school, or from abusive partners.

How can it be a ‘failure’ to be honest about a relationship bringing more unhappiness than it does joy, and wanting to change that situation? Sometimes the way to start over is to begin a new relationship as separated people, sometimes it is to stay within the relationship but using different ways to communicate, taking responsibility and not blaming the other person. What’s needed is to practice being positive, a good communicator – and brave!


Health and Wellbeing

It’s really hard to be positive, a good communicator and brave when your body and mind and soul are in poor shape. Physical exercise – especially outdoors – can reduce depression. Yoga and acupuncture can help the body shift negative emotions like anger. There are many holistic practices and now is the time to try them out. Have you ever talked to a doctor who helps you look and feel great using holistic methods? Get your body feeling fit again with the support of a fitness coach and knowing how to work with your body to feel better.  Do you have addictions or bad habits you want to recover from?

It is vital to get your body and spirit into a healthy space – hard as that may seem when you feel like everything around you is crumbling. Counselling and Coaching can be transformational, helping you find strength and inspiration that you didn’t think was there – but it is!


Take a look at some of ourwellbeing experts and have a word with them about how they can help you.



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