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Four questions parents rarely ask out loud

Four questions parents rarely ask out loud

How will I deal with the guilt when I look at my kids and feel that I’ve let them down?

Time. Focus on the positive outcomes you want to achieve, and let your learning be their learning.


How will I survive financially and what will I do when the kids leave home, my career has been obliterated by the restraints of parenting, and I have no financial resources left?

Be creative. Lot’s of full-time workers have lost half their pensions due to the financial crises of the last few years, so financial security is a myth. Many single parents begin new and successful businesses from home, even with young kids. Make a plan and follow your heart.


Will my kids make the same mistakes and end up getting divorced too? It’s none of your business what they choose to do with their lives. Just be there for them. Romantic relationships are part of the journey of life, not its destination.


How will I ever feel that we are a happy family again, a whole and complete family?

You’ll find a way. I got photos taken by a professional photographer and saw how happy we looked. I realised that we were as much a ‘family’ with only one adult in the picture, as any other family.


Suzy Miller

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