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Alternative Divorce saves you over $100,000

Alternative Divorce saves you over $100,000

Save thousands of dollars by making the right choices


Conventional Adversarial Package

(We DON’T recommend this one)

Cost of adversarial divorce, divorce in a box, divorce advice, relationship breakup


Alternative, stay-out-of-court Package

includes Divorce in a Box

(We think this is a much better choice)

Cost of adversarial divorce, divorce in a box, divorce advice, relationship breakup

Cost of adversarial divorce
* Novitas Divorce Litigation Fund
** Cost of collaborative divorce


Using costs for a typical London, England divorce – which is likely to be less expensive in legal fees than many places in the US – I have converted the costs to US Dollars to provide an example of the tangible difference in cost between an adversarial divorce, and one using mediation or collaborative lawyers.


As you can see, there is a marked difference in cost!  At the very least, it is surely worth talking to mediators and collaborative lawyers if you would like some advice on how to stay out of court, and to understand the wider benefits that go beyond just the financial cost savings?



Loving your box – thank you so much! I’m on the cusp of picking up the phone to arrange some life-coaching which I would never have felt confident to do before… Sarah


Divorce in a Box with no ribbon, divorce advice, relationship breakup, divorce solicitor london


” I liked the way things are set out. I like the information – it makes sense. And it is supportive” Neil



The prospect of divorce can be very scary; the outcome for you doesn’t have to be.

You have more choices than you may realize so you can:


    • Protect your children

    • Save money

    • Stay out of court

    • Maintain your sanity

Get the dependable answers you need:



Your “Travel Guide” through Divorce

Includes vouchers for more than $500 of one-on-one expert advice

and resources from only $60!





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