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3 ways to survive divorce you just never thought about ….

3 ways to survive divorce you just never thought about ….


Three top tips on surviving divorce

& accessing online divorce advice:










The divorce diet of chocolate, coffee and red wine soon gave way to healthier ways of eating when I realised that my emotional state was being effected.  My ability to parent 3 young children under 7 was being undermined by mood swings and bouts of terror at how I was going to cope, suddenly finding myself single after an abrupt end to a 10 year relationship.

Finding comfort in food and drink that didn’t play havoc with my sugar levels – or leave me in a numb stupor – was a necessary survival technique and this is why I have holistic MD Nutritional integrative medicine expert Dr. Cynthia Shelby-Lane on my Alternative Divorce Directory, which I created post-breakup to support others through the divorce process in healthier ways and provide quality online divorce advice.

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Parenting support!







I was pretty touchy on the subject of parenting skills – bad enough to have a broken relationship with my kids dad, but to actually attend a parenting class was a big step for me.  But a very good step it was to take!

Remember no-one tells you how to be a parent, and dealing with divorce/family breakup is so tough that a few parenting skills come in handy.  I also found that what I learned from parenting experts was great for dealing with my Ex as well – a bonus!   I recommend divorcing couples to have a no-obligation conversation with top parenting expert Rosalind Sedacca as she has some great resources – including a book you create for yourself on how to tell the kids you’re getting a divorce.

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Financial Self Defense!






Fear of being broke and no home makes you pretty scared – and guilty too, every time you look at your children who rely on you to keep things working.  But family breakup smashes everything apart.

We went from our home being sold underneath us for debts I didn’t know we had, to renting a house with my kids as a single parent, feeling a complete failure.


Luckily I discovered financial self defense!  It’s not about knowing how to be good with money – it’s about how to ‘think’ about money – to be visionary and ambitious despite the situation you find yourself in.  I always encourage divorcing women to access a Money Coach like Hollis Colquohoun because by taking control of our finances (and debt) and creating a positive financial plan for our family’s future, we become much nicer to deal with so divorce and co-parenting become easier to do amicably.

It is easy get access to these kind of experts through free online divorce advice websites like the Alternative Divorce Directory.



Suzy Miller is The Alternative Divorce Guide in the US and the UK – guiding people away from adversarial lawyers and providing a travel guide for stay out of court divorce at

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