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Online-Presence-ManagementA full-proof strategy to impact your business

Hands-on creative implementation

Training included - stay in control of your own business growth  

Marketing won't work without a comprehensive and structured plan so let's create one that works for your business


Suzy Miller Marketing

    Suzy Miller is a hands-on marketing consultant and trainer


    • Create Videos to promote you and your services
    • Articles to engage an online audience and press releases
    • Email marketing - building relationships with potential and existing customers
    • Make a plan - an online marketing plan tailored to your needs

    “I gained so much knowledge ....  

    It was clear, concise and I especially loved the way that you made it

    very relevant ... I feel as though I have a huge tool bag full of new skills,

    ready to put into action now.  Very impressive...  (JacquiHowe) 


    This is about YOU getting your sales & marketing essentials in place... 

    working efficiently...  so your business can grow

    • Raise your online profile using social media
    • Get confident using Linked In and Social Media to drive sales
    • Make Search Engine Optimisation (google juice!) your friend
    • Create and implement a user-friendly marketing strategy
    • This can all be achieved - painlessly!
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    This is what I can do for you

    to help you to grow your business:


    • Set up automated emails to build relationships with potential clients
    • Create newsletters to build relationships & upsell to existing clients
    • Shoot and edit videos of interviews with you or your team
    • Create sales landing pages on your website
    • Write online articles and press releases to drive traffic to your site
    • A social media marketing strategy and time-efficient way to implement it
    • Raise your online profile through LinkedIn, twitter and facebook
    • Organise all activities through a marketing, sales and online media strategy and action plan
    • Action and then hand over the controls after 6 months - so you can stay in control of your own marketing and not be reliant on paying ongoing costs if you don't want to!

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    Suzy Miller: Your Marketing PA