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Tarnie Fulloon: Body Freedom

Tarnie Fulloon: Body Freedom


BodyFreedom™ is a unique healing practice integrating the body, mind and spirit providing a proven method to transform your life.  This process quickly shows you what obstacles are holding you back in your life, where you are holding them in your body, and teaches you how your body intelligence knows exactly what you need to release the stuck places, and live a life of freedom.



The BodyFreedom™ method incorporates Physiotherapy, Spiritual Psychology, and Authentic Movement.



The creator of BodyFreedom™, Tarnie Fulloon is an Australian-trained Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) with more than 25 years of experience in traditional medical methods, as well as alternative practices, for the treatment of the body and mind.


It is from being deeply aware of our feelings and sensations in our bodies that we can tap into greater freedom in all aspects of our lives. Complete and deep healing takes place when we access the body’s wisdom and give it an expression; the truth lies within us because the body never lies.


BodyFreedom™ provides a transformational method that guides you to uncovering where you are suppressed or blocked, and teaches you how to release your obstacles and:

  • let go of stress, confusion, overwhelm, having no time for self
  • heal body pain or body issues, love your body again
  • heal sexual and childhood traumas
  • find financial abundance
  • heal unhealthy relationships
  • attract your soulmate
  • heal anxiety, panic attacks, fear, low self-esteem
  • resolve sleep issues, fatique, low energy
  • find your voice, set boundaries
  • clarify your life path….

BodyFreedom™ provides a space to take you from Suppression to Full Expression!



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Complementary 30 minute consultation with Tarnie Fulloon PT MA Transformational Healer via Skype or phone (valued at $200) to begin a healing transformational journey through your struggle and confusion into your confidence and clarity.


Phone: 626-296-2032

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