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Gay Cartier: Personal Recovery Coaching Solutions

Gay Cartier: Personal Recovery Coaching Solutions

Gay Cartier is a Recovery Coach, Addiction Counselor and the founder of Addiction Recovery International.  Her services including providing telephone and online recovery coaching, addiction counselling within her trademark system called the “New Life” Recovery Program.  The “New Life” Recovery Program was founded specifically for alcoholics or addicts of other addictions, their partners, family members, friends and adults raised by one or more parent who was also addicted.

As a trained professional Gay Cartier work experience spans into Personal Development, Drug and Alcohol, Mental Health, Child Protection and Domestic Violence.

In private practice, she worked as a personal development individual and group trainer where she created, developed and conducted personal development seminars and recovery based programs, including:

  • A Formula For Living
  • Unmask Your Mask
  • Juggling Life To Your Advantage
  • Let’s Talk Together
  • Principles Of The Recovery Program
  • Relapse Vulnerabilities Program
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Nutritional and Colon Health Workshops

Gay Cartier expertise in knowing the hurdles that people in recovery need to jump over in their quest for recovery, sets her apart from other recovery coaches and addiction counsellors.  She brings to the table a deep knowing, understanding and empathy of the difficulties, each individual faces in their quest to rebuild their shattered lives.

Her clients come from all walks of life.  Many call her “the transformer” as she has the skills, training, and insight that assist them to do that 180 degree turn from self-destruction to self-creation.  To build a life in recovery they always, to be the person they knew they could be, experience control and choice over the decision they make, which includes people, places, things and situations.  Develop a better balance between work, family, and recovery, identify recovery stressors, reduce risks of a stress-related relapse, learn to do things differently and make friends with like-minded people.

Her services include seeking solutions and resolving underlying issues which often make some people feel are without power to change what is not working for the, for example:  people with co-dependency tendencies, life associated problems, anxiety, stress, unresolved emotions, irrational thinking, low self-esteem, lack of balance and the loss of self.

Her expertise includes helping the non-addict person who is affected by another person’s addiction after the person with the addiction is in recovery and is addiction free.

Together Gay Cartier and her client will personalize a plan of action best suitable to their personal situation and circumstances.  A plan that will include strategies to achieve a loving and understanding way to emotionally detach from the person with the problem, which allows them to begin their personal road to recovery, starting with claiming their sense of self, their life and develop a lifestyle of their choice.

Our corporate office is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  We provide virtual coaching and services world-wide and are ready to serve you.

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