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Dr Dee Adio-Moses: Better Than Ever After Divorce

Dr Dee Adio-Moses: Better Than Ever After Divorce

If you have had serious Long Term Relationship Breakup, experiencing Pain, Hurt, Betrayal, Disappointment and the Pressure and Anxiety of  Starting Over, you are in the right place. Better Than Ever Community is where you come for your Transformative Journey to restart your life. You will find support for you to Heal From your Breakup, Learn Self Love, and Start your life Anew. This is going to be a life changing experience for you.

When one gets hurt in relationship break-up or divorce and do not fully heal, we carry hurt and resentment into the next relationship. The next relationship is therefore doomed from the start, with the inevitable result of the pain and hurt all over again. Our goal in this community is to help you overcome this. You deserve to be free from the damage caused by divorce, failed relationships or a broken marriage.


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Complementary 30 min Skype consultation with Ordained Minister, Visionary, Author, Life Strategist and Educator Dr Dee Adio-Moses (worth $79).

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